Shots and Thoughts

Photos and comments as I explore my passion for photography. Written to and for myself as a journal to track major moments and minor observations as I continue to evolve my visual art. 

Wrapping Up 2017

For 2017 I had a lot of fun shooting, mainly in Japan with 10 trips. My intention was to shoot the local neighborhood and people in Kyoto along with images from the short trips I made into Tokyo. A full day of shooting for me is 1,000+ digital images, a short day is 300-400 shots. Yes this is a lot (maybe why film does not work so well for me) but I learned this from my teacher Jacob Sobol who does this pretty consistently when in shooting mode.

Checking in with Lightroom it shows I took 46,561 photos in Japan during 2017 (probably an equivalent amount in the US including studio and work projects). I "three starred" 3,822 images and then worked this down to 828 "five star" shots, with maybe 50-60 strong photos. From this there are about a dozen I would add to my on going portfolio. A dozen shots I am delighted to have and show for years to come. For me the key is shooting a lot, lucky I find true joy in this process.

Kyoto | 2017 No filter

Kyoto | 2017 No filter

Pro tip: My intention was to have this focused shooting turn into a book or zine, but I am not sure there is a story line here yet. I may need to step back and look at these shots after some time has passed.