Shots and Thoughts

Photos and comments as I explore my passion for photography. Written to and for myself as a journal to track major moments and minor observations as I continue to evolve my visual art. 

From Head to Heart

My friend Ruben joined in the studio this week and we spent three hours on my "4am | Japan" project. He was kind enough to review and comment on all 66 images, reviewed the marketing and pricing, timelines,  etc. but the BEST part was a deep personal discussion on what I am I saying through my photography, what this specific project means and where am as an artist and photographer.

SF | 2017

SF | 2017

I am still processing the conversation but here are some notes I took:

What is my point of view for the project and in general for me as an artist?

How do you move a viewer from Appreciation to Attachment?

What is my personal story and how does it bridge to my work?

How do you move a viewer from Head to Heart?

Artist Personal Statement 

Invitation to the viewer to join the experience (maybe via intro 4am video)

My message is unique, authentic 

Pro tip: A deep meaningful conversation with Ruben, I might update this post as I reflect. The biggest take away was "how to" move the viewer from Head to Heart and my "owning" my work as an artist, from top to bottom.

John Lowell Hall, using the medium of photography to express and share his point of view.