Shots and Thoughts

Photos and comments as I explore my passion for photography. Written to and for myself as a journal to track major moments and minor observations as I continue to evolve my visual art. 

Studio Tips with Faran

Faran is one of the top Fashion and Architecture photographers on the West Coast. He has been a good friend and a real mentor for my studio work. Currently he is working at Adobe and shooting every chance he gets. Last week he was on vacation from the corp job and did a three day fashion shoot. Maybe only photographers get this but it sounds like an ideal way to spend a few days off! His portfolio is here.

I think all artists have some tension between the strong desire to create and the need to pay the bills. Everyone needs to find this right balance point and it usually changes over time.

For me the time is now.

We had a relaxed lunch and caught up on cameras, careers and life. Perfect.

Faran, 2015.

Faran, 2015.

Pro tip: Move from consumption to creativity. What you produce not what you consume. Time is short, the choice is yours. For me the time is now.