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No Thanks

I always love going to Yodobashi Camera when in Japan, today at the Kyoto store. They have EVERY accessory and item for photographers including this cool t shirt. 

Kyoto, 2015

Kyoto, 2015

But I will pass as it is about $65 USD. Too much for too little IMHO.

But I love the shirts I got from Dave Powell at ShootTokyo, great quality and fit. I wear them all the time and they hold up great.

 Pro tip: It really helps when your looking at new equipment to have clarity of purpose around your photography dreams and goals. Putting all my "I want" thoughts thru this filter lets me stay on track and focused. And not buying cool stuff I don't need. But still searching for THE camera bag!

Update: I bought a sweatshirt from this line, expensive but cool with nice pockets for camera gear.